Day 4

Who can you lean on when it comes to sticking to your financial goals?

I’m not talking about your friend that’s always telling you to “treat yo’self”.

When it comes to our money, temptation is everywhere. I constantly find myself justifying impulse purchases. If it wasn’t for my wife and friends that care about me, I’d probably give in more times than not.

To help you navigate this 30 day challenge, I highly recommend finding someone to stand in your corner.

If you haven’t participated in our members forum yet, I highly recommend you do. These are people that are on the same journey as you are. There are no better people to lean on than that! Post your goals in the accountability section of the forum. Not only does it help to write things down, but you’ll have people to root you on! Once you’ve posted, go look at other posts and offer some encouragement to them.
P.S. Here’s an article that can also help you figure out who would make a good accountability partner!