Day 13

If you’re like me, you enjoy going out to eat. In fact, that’s my biggest area of weakness. I can turn down buying new clothes or cool gadgets. When it comes to restaurants, I have a really hard time saying no.

After working with countless people on creating budgets, I’ve learned that one of the most common areas people struggle with is going out for lunch every day. You can’t beat the convenience of rolling through a drive thru on your lunch break. However, doing this every day can add up quickly.

Think about it; the average fast food meal costs about $7. That’s $35 per week and $140 per month. If both spouses go out for lunch every day, that’s a total of $280 every month.

Let’s save those valuable dollars and put them toward our challenge. Since you’re on a no-spend week anyway, I suggest you start packing your lunch every day. Not only is it cheaper, it’s usually a lot healthier too!

Stretch this challenge out as long as you can. Every day you pack your lunch is money saved toward your $1,000!